Wisconsin's Oldest Apple Orchard

In 1898 Fred Sacia purchased a farm about three miles northwest of Galesville from his grandfather. The farm already had 25 apple trees including Duchess, Wealthy, Tolman Sweet and Greenings. By 1905, Fred decided he liked growing apples better then dairy farming. Fred continued to plant trees and incorporated the orchard in 1908. By 1915, the orchard had 1,000 Northwest Greening and 5,000 Red Delicious trees growing.

Second Generation

Ethan & Robert Sacia purchased the orchard in 1945 and planted an additional 60 acres. Robert and his wife Joyce managed the orchard. Robert often commented that growing apples is a "survival of the fittest, you have to keep up with new varieties, methods and equipment" and that philosophy is alive and well today.

Third Generation

In 1980, Dr. Dave Morris and Fred Sacia's granddaughter, Sacia Morris, purchased the original orchard from Robert and Joyce. In the past 35 years, Sacia and Dave have continued the tradition of growing and expanding the Sacia name.  We now have 250 Acres, and 14 varieties spread out over 4 orchards.

The a-team behind the apples

Sacia and Dr. Dave Morris - President
Jim Killoran - Business consultant
Scott Kee - V. P. of Operations
Joel Chavolla - Operations/Field Manager
Julie Kitchner - Accounting 

About the photos above:
Top left: Fred & Lily Sacia with children Roger, Ethan Phyllis, Myrtle and Robert Sacia.
Middle: Robert Sacia in his element
Top Right: Dr. Dave Morris and Fred Sacia's granddaughter, Sacia Morris